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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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attractivene attract shuns. we have second way tours owe food vendor off the grid have bit by bit have helped us solve our budget problems and we're expecting growth of 3 hundred thousand. on the expenditure side our savings come from two small sources as i mentioned the agreement with the zoo department. the non profit takes up the staff and we'll save from folks leaving. we have a very robust wellness
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program when folks get hurt open the job we are giving them softer jobs. we're going to have $350,000 savings in our workman's comp area. >> so real quick getting back to the revenues. i know we had a debate here the board of supervisors the non san francisco resident charges. can you tell us how much that brings in a year >> the gross numbers is well over 5 hundred thousand. obviously we have expenses but this helps to subsidies the cost
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of 3 of our gardeners there. the fact it, it's free to san franciscans the upkeep of a garden in san francisco we unique. we have 11 workers that we have assigned and we have about three to four gardeners in the parks. there's a lot of staff that is assigned to the botanical garden. when we were in our worse times it was a controversial decision
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agreed to a non-resident fee for people investing san francisco and it was similarly our japanese garden. the botanical garden is free speech for san franciscan resident. it was a community comprises we're proud to have it but if we lose that fee it will impact our budget the numbers are up and they're working on their sustainable nursey. thanks >> just some follow-up questions. i know your finishing up but
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since supervisor farrell brought it up i want some clarity around the expense of managing the garden overall vs. the revenue it's taking in or maybe that could be brought up at the budget meeting >> the revenue piece doesn't really begin to address the total expenses for the garden alts and the botanical garden vista hundreds of - invests hundreds of thousands of dollars. we can bring that back some more information about the garden budget but it's not inexpensive
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to maintain >> does that necessarily mean you would lose 3 gardeners in terms of the revenues. >> i think we would have a trade-off a $350,000 hole in our budget that's about again with over head three or four gardens elsewhere in our system. >> it is the fee that the - >> i think the gross revenue is about 5, 550 that covers the cost of staff that maintain the gate. there is some question about the button tangible society would still want people at the gate regardless of admission i don't
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know if they can afford it but they provided a variety of other services >> again for budget purposes it would be helpful to know the actual overall expenses of managing the botanical gardens and the revenue sources and those sorts of thing to have a bigger picture. and have those 11 gardeners how many are african-american? >> i can't answer that off the top of my head. >> we can find that out later? supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chairman. good afternoon.
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so i supported the non-residency of both tangible garden because we have policymakers in city hall have not been good to the recreational department over the last 10 years and have hallowed out our support and i've managed a lot of public space in san francisco and we have not given you the resources you need. i commend you in how we generate more park revenue in a reasonable way and make sure we can maintain those critical resources. so how many gardeners does the department have right now vs. we had 15, 20 years ago? i believe we had about a one
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hundred and 20. so let's we can get the exact number it's about 1 hundred and 50. the garden staff is essentially about half the number it was. we rely on the very robust interim positions and that helps us a great deal. the mayor has been supportive of this and we've been able to supplement with that. so in terms of actual gardeners there's half of them? >> we are adding parks.
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>> hopefully in my district and a couple other supervisors district. and you know, i see for example, at the problem most heavy in the sdorz park they work real really, really hard and with when you look at the garbage situations it doesn't leave much time to create a better park. so in terms of having more fully rounded staff. how many security patrol
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officers do you have? >> our total shift d is about 23 or 22 which allows 2 to 3 park rangers on patrol all the time. >> one in candlestick park and two other parks? how did we let that happen? i'm being a little bit rhetorical. this seems inadequate.
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we have vandalism in our parks >> i don't have an answer other than the fact that, you know, we are under resource and the public function of our park patrol officers but there are certain specific needs that our park officers are better able to address than police officers. >> i'm not criticizing we set our budget the board of supervisors and the mayor so ultimately we're responsibility and i think it's pretty xoirld. i think half the time in the parks are picking up track
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because people leave their trash everywhere. if we have better practical we would have accountability like people leaving their trash everywhere. i think it's important we get you more park patrol officers. i did not we want police officers dealing with tickets and stuff so to me those seem like the big gaps we've created over time in terms of lack of gardeners and patrol officers i'd like to see that reversed
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>> thank you for the great presentation. i want to say i appreciate our framing in terms of the cities overall deficit and how you over the past 5 years cut 25.5 million over the last 5 years and also how you increased through the real estate staff i know that was a lot of different revenue you negotiated with them and it was really well done. i also want to say that from economical impact reports that the events bring in hotel users
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and restaurants and a tremendous economic benefit and yet the rec and parks department don't get a lot of consider. i want to commit about my colleagues compliment and also making sure that the maintenance and maintaining accessibility and the ones that are lower grade especially in neighborhoods that need them the most in immigrant children throughout the city. as i other look at the budget with my residents i look at longer time to increase the
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senior centers to make sure that the swimming pool is rebuilt we're going to have enough hours for the people to use the pools and we rebuild them. my hope is you're looking at kwiblt but i'm just wondering about our comments >> one of our most important focus in our department of public health department in 4 years we've increased the scholarship program now we're well over 8 thousand in four years. that's the money we subsidize as
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a department we work very closely with the housing authority and they all participate in our program for free there is no charge. the number of people that have become eligible or we sign up to our scholarship program has grown significantly. and because of our revenue growth we're actually able to make this groebt especially in transportation. one of the biggest things we have is our ability to move children there to the lake merced and paddle boats and so
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forth but if we can't get our children there then it in make a difference. we have some pilot you funding we can work with partners to make sure we're getting our kids to the programs. our bond choices that we're community driven there's a significant amount of revenue in district 10 and projects in district 5. a couple of projects in district 6. we're working hard to make sure our investments are equitable. the two district where the
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scores improved the most were districts 10 and 11. so we have a long way to go it's no question but it's a staff focus to make sure we're providing programs and services in the community that noted it the most. our recreational program loud us to build a rock climbing wall. we're able to bring bikes and skateboards and the other things to our community >> you want to say on the budget solutions i appreciate the breakdown. i had no idea those fees were
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going so much. and i'll have to work much harder next year for our sports. >> it probably cost us another home game and money it was very painful. >> your budget recess transitions seem reasonable. supervisor. >> supervisor. we can do that. so i missed the presentation i'm sorry. i will review it. i want to check in with you. thank you for your work in the
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city. a few years back they allowed us directors the plan important rec directors what's the plan for them? i can they provided essential services in our neighborhoods we know about the rec center and we'll seen the work what are the other facilities that we're growing? for the context it was motivated by the context and the staff came up with the facility that eliminated a few core staff. it's a model h that has been
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successful even though we're still understaffed. we've seen participants going up. this budget is the - the way that the recreation model was designed it was unfortunately designed with the budget reality itself it was scaleable and flexible. frankly we do generate revenue we have 2 thousand people in our camps that are ref scholarships but there are a lot of folks who are in the camps paying.
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>> we have a clubhouse that's going to be opening up later this year. >> well, let me finish your question. we have been able to start to chip away by strategies we have and we're investing nor money in programs and recreational staff. i think our programs we're delivering rile high programs our feedback it really good and based on 90 percent of survey responders say they like argue programs and recommend them. we do begin and work very close that the mayor's office and appreciate the mayors willingness to help out.
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>> and when does the clubhouse come back? i think we've been working pretty closely with the organizations we're going to staff it ourselves until we can work with the community to decide what kind of partner we want in this facility. and obviously if we had the fund we'll be open all the time >> do we have the minute i - do we have support from the city for retooling or replacing turf?
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>> our turf has some of the synthetic turf has a replacement of every 10 years. a turf replacements program is in our our budget. the level of commitment is unclear. the city has invested about $25,000 but unfortunately, because of the process the program has taken longer and cost morning it was anticipated. i think we're going to need to think about opportunities whether it's - >> so the city fields foundation is not thinking about replacing turf there will be
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some deferred maintenance we'll have to do. >> and it will depends on the resources we have. this program this phase of the program an actual completed. we have of plenty of conviction - communications about it. >> okay. great. and then i'm next week we'll be back with our hearing around the gardnering program i'll be looking at to that and a colleagues any questions you have in that you do you want to hear the
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highlights? >> i think we're good. i think we hit auto the high points. supervisor any questions? >> thank you just had a couple i know this is a budget hearing and having the opportunity to hear this. we we were always trying to figure out ways to generate more revenue for the parks. we know there has been a loss over the years and as a city we're going to have to figure out more creativity ways. it's about that a challenge after becoming supervisor just the challenges we had too fast in the western community and particular. i want to make sure that i
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scotland a couple of questions how this impacts the budget because some of those issues i want a clear idea specifically before events like the event that are organic are those cost like the playoffs was an unanticipated revenue of 1 noildz are we incurring expenses like that. i'm hoping you can gives an understanding of the past fiscal year and the year before that if there are those kinds of expenses. i'm happy to come back with
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those specific numbers unfortunately, we don't get a lot of 120s but the answer is we absorb those costs. so when we spend time cleaning up after other people's bad behavior it takes away from our budget. and, you know, someone actually said to me, you should have left the trash there a little bit longer to let them know about the impact. and this by a behave is graffiti and litter.
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we could do some much more if we didn't have to pick up. i have costs of the graffiti and other costs for picking up after folks. picking up cigarettes butts and stuff >> are the practical responsible for patrolling. >> smoking policies are difficult to enforce. there were about 60 citations
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that were given out. but this is not, you know, enforced the ban is tough. maybe two park officers on patrol on one time, however, we'll do spot codes and we'll ask people inform comply that can range from dog use where dangerous are not supposed to be off leashes. we have limited sources. >> and i mentioned the children of housing authority. is there a better way i know that pe


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